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  The Prelude to the Wars

The First  War 1848-51

The Battles 1848-51

The Siege of Fredericia

The Second  War 1864

 Dannevirke  Stronghold

 The Siege of Dybboel

The Attack on Fredericia

The Attack on Dybboel

The Attack on the Als

The Peace

The Consequences

 Dybboel 2010

 Als 2010



 The Two Danish-Prussian Wars 1848-50 and 1864

About the Author of this site.  

 Sören Östergaard
 Born 1954
 Sönderborg, Denmark

E-mail sooe@dbmail.dk

 Special interests:
 The forts and fortresses from the
 period prior to WWI.

 The first and second Danish-Prussian
 war in 1848 and 1864.

 Danish forts from the cold war.





The last 10 years I have made several web-sites on different military historical issues.
Numerous lectures, articles and pictures to both Danish and international magazines.