The Northern German Defence Line 1916-18 (
Sicherungsstellung Nord)
The Heavy Batteries

 During a meeting in the German General Staff i 1916, the amy are promised support and materials  for arming and manning the German
 defence line in Jutland.  As mentioned elsewhere, the Germans needed men on both the eastern and the western front. Several medium
 batteries already consisted of naval guns and naval gunners from the former forts around Kiel. These forts were from late 19th. century.
 As in Denmark, these heavy forts were considered old and useless, and therefore partly abandoned.
 Beside the medium guns from the coastal batteries, the Navy came up with 6 pcs. of 24 cm. guns. They were not special modern, but
 scrapped from the former armoured coastal defence ships of the Sigfried-class from the 1890´s.
 Odin (1894) and Frithiof (1891) were part of the 6. flotille of the Baltic fleet. The guns were the main armament of the ships, and mounted
 in single og double turrets.


  WW1, Sicherungsstellung Nord, German stronghold in Denmark. SMS Frithiof, German Coastal Defence Ship
                 SMS Frithiof

    SMS Odin, single gun

 It has been questioned if it were the originally armoured turrets that were used in the Defence Line, or new ones were made. According
 to the pictures above it can't be established. Both the main armamant and pictures of the casemat guns of the period, shows the turrets
 that is shaped as a barrel, with a high profile. The turrets photographed in the defence line  has a very low profile. It might also have been,
 that only the upper part of the turret was used.

         The gun at Gammelskov Battery

 It might be the original naval turrets, that is lowered in the platform.
 The defence line considered a reserve, it might have been af unneccesary waste of ressources to  build new armoured turrets.