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The Northern German Defence Line 1916-18 (
Sicherungsstellung Nord)
The Batteries around The Stronghold.

 The Ullerupvej Battery

 An anti aircraft battery composed of 2 FLAK guns (FLAK= FLug Abwehr Kanone) under command of the Zeppelin base in Tönder.
 A room of timber were placed in a barrow, there were two tunnels into it, one from the east and one
 from the west. On the walls of both
 the room and the tunnels were mounted shelves, where the 1800 shells were placed.
 The Battery had a single opportunity for combat. The crew were notified before the English air raid against the base at Tönder. (The first
 attack in military history launched from an aircraft carrier) in
1918. The crew were Catholics and had just been celebrating some religious
 occasions and didn’t answer the telephone.

                         88 mm FLAK (Flug Abwer Kanone) 1. VK

 The Aarö Battery

The battery was under command of the naval base in Aarösund. A naval horse propelled 15 cm haubits batteries has been mounted here
 for a period. In 1918 four pjeces of 10.5 cm guns arrived, but were never mounted. To the north, very modern fire control stations with a
 very powerful floodlight were placed. From here both the first and the second gun could be directed by telephone.

The Aarösund Battery

This battery was also under command of the naval base Aarösund. The main target was some minefields in the Lillebält. The battery was
 composed of four 10.5 cm. guns placed behind some rampages.  In the middle of the battery the command station was placed.  A large
 munitions store was placed in a hill behind the battery.
 It used the same fire control station as the  Aarö-battery.

                                   10,5 cm haubits

 The Stevelt Battery
 A third battery under command of the naval base Aarösund. Assumable a horse propelled 15 cm haubits battery with three guns. It was
 planned to have 6 guns, but this never happened.
 Main target was protection of the minefields and the naval entrance to
 Haderslev Fjord.

 The Tved Battery 
Flak-battery under command of the Zeppelin base in Tönder

 The Abild Battery
Flak-battery under command of the Zeppelin base in Tönder 

                90 mm anti aircraft gun

 The Hömlund Battery

 Prepared but never mounted battery at 3 barrows west of the road from Spandet to Ribe, 500 meters from the Danish border.
 Main target was assumably the road from the city Ribe.