The cold War defence of the Danisk peninsula Stevns

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  Denmark and the Cold War

  The Stevns Fort

  HAWK, Hoejerup

  HAWK,  Stevns  Fort

  NIKE,  Sigerslev

  The Support Units

  The Cold War Museum


  Other Cold War Sites
  in Denmark

  The Langelands Fort

  The Bangsbo Fort





The Armed Forces at the Danish Peninsula Stevns during the Cold War

The Threats against  Denmark during the Cold war.

The Stevns Fort.
The three NIKE and HAWK SAM Firing Areas at Stevns.
       - Sigerslev
       - Hoejerup
       - Stevns Fort
Command and support units of The Missile Defence  
       - Radar site at Flagbanken
       - The Avedoere Barracks (The Missile Batallion Command)
       - The Ejbybro bunker (The Aerial Defence Command Bunker at Copenhagen)

                      - The Sigerslev Barracks 


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